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International cooperation

In line with French foreign policy and within the framework of the law on water of 30 December 2006, the Water Agency has undertaken a number of international cooperative projects in its areas of expertise, namely the fight against pollution and the preservation of water resources.The agency provides its expertise through joint institutional and technical projects and provides financial support for projects put forward by public or private developers from the Rhone-Mediterranean and Corsica basins.

Joint institutional and technical projects

Exchanges, consultancy and expertise on:

  • integrated Water Resource Management (GIRE) built on consultation between all the water stakeholders;
  • the water information system: production and publication of underground, surface and coastal water data;
  • planning of environmental objectives for catchment areas;
  • environmental taxation charges and premiums;
  • financial assistance policies relating to the fight against pollution or the protection of water resources;
  • communication, training and quality-assured organisation initiatives.

Financial assistance may also be granted when extending these types of cooperative project

Support for solidarity projects in emerging countries

Allotment of financial assistance in its areas of operation:

  • Fighting household pollution
  • Fighting industrial pollution and dangerous substances
  • Fighting agricultural pollution and pesticides
  • Preserving and restoring aquatic environments
  • Preserving and managing water resources
  • Preserving the quality of water destined for human consumption
  • Know-how, monitoring and evaluation
  • Communication and education to preserve aquatic environments
  • Concerted management and solidarity between water stakeholders

Two examples of cooperative projects run with assistance from the Water Agency

Consultation in Northern Lebanon

Expertise provided by the Agency on introducing a ‘River Contract’ type operation on the Kadisha, a river in Northern Lebanon where the valley and water quality are compromised.
In association with the Rhone-Alpes Region and Grand Lyon, assistance was provided to the local water stakeholders: Northern Lebanon Water, a federation of Bcharreh municipalities, was founded.

In Southern Morocco, 7 Taroudannt villages were equipped

New drinking water conveyance systems were installed in 6 villages and a complete purification system was installed in another.
582 households (3,684 inhabitants) were helped.
Developer: Grand Lyon (69)
Beneficiary: Development and Migration Association
Total cost of the project: €210,000
Agency assistance: €35,000.

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