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Water Agency assistance

Who is entitled to aid?

Public or private developers in the Rhone-Mediterranean and Corsica basins subject to Agency charges ;

French NGOs, under the condition that an owner on one of our two basins is partner to the project, or if the project is due to a humanitarian emergency and meets the same eligibility criteria as the solidarity projects.  

The procedure for developers receiving assistance is that they acquire the requisite finance, conduct the operations in conjunction with the foreign beneficiary and provide the communication and evaluation.
The projects are examined according to their geographical location and must fall within the remit of the Water Agency.

Water Agency experts then provide as much technical or institutional know-how as is needed to monitor the projects.

What financial help can be provided?

Water Agency contributions to international cooperative projects is limited to a maximum of 1% of total revenue. The annual figure is expected to grow progressively to 1.1 million euros by the end of the Agency’s 9th action programme in 2012.

In practice, agency assistance cannot exceed 80% of the preliminary study, and 50% of the cost of the works. At least 10 to 20% of the total cost of the operations must be paid by the ultimate beneficiary.

The Water Agency is also entitled to participate in basin solidarity funds which finance projects in the water domain through repayable loans.

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