10th “Save Water!” program

Every six years the agency sets up an action program, also called an intervention program, which defines the amounts of aid allocated, based on the objectives established through consultation. The 10th program, entitled “Save Water!” includes new water issues, including adaptation to climate change.


The water agency receives payments of water rates, based on the polluter-payer and user-payer principles, which are reinvested in the defined 6-year action program.  The program’s objectives are:

  • to attain balanced management of water resources and sustainably satisfy users.

  • to respond to new challenges such as pesticide pollution, the primary factor in downgrading of water quality and drinking water capture.

  • to restore aquatic environments.

  • to take climate change and emerging pollution into consideration.

  • to modernize the water rates policy.

  • to guarantee proper use of the funds collected, paying attention to rigor and budgetary efficiency.

€3.8 Billion Of financial aid planned during the 6 years of the program, with the aim of obtaining good water status.


Funding budgets are defined in line with the program’s priorities for intervention.

  • double the resources for priority challenges: quantitative resource management, protection of the environment, (thresholds, physical restoration, wet zones), protection of drinking water collection;

  • aid more focused on specific themes: for management of water resources in rural areas, medium-sized water treatment stations, toxic pollution and dangerous substances;

  • cessations: stopping aid for upgrading water treatment stations by 2000, lead piping connections, polluted soil and industrial waste;

  • a better framework for aid: systematic pursuit of effectiveness and efficiency, a minimum water and water treatment price, inter-district collaboration and the respect for the principle of non-degradation.