Projects in need of project leaders and financiers

The agency regularly receives information about solidarity projects. These projects may receive financial assistance. For them to be implemented, a public sector or private project leader (from the Rhone-Mediterranean or Corsica basins) or an NGO (supported by a project leader from the basins), must make a commitment to the project. The agency is looking for partners for the following projects.


The District of Auja in the Palestinian Territories

The Auja district has 6000 inhabitants. Its drinking water supply is vulnerable during the summer months and it has no treatment center for its effluents.

The district wishes to initiate a treatment and recovery project for its waste water in partnership with the local association ECO-PEACE, with the support of the local French Consulate.

€ 50 000 to complete this project

€ 40 000 in aid from the water agency, amounting to 80% of the total project cost

The Palestinian Territories of Hébron and Naplouse,

In Hebron and Naplouse (281 000 inhabitants), marble (Jerusalem stone) used for internal or external building cladding is produced in 150 facilities of various sizes (SME, large company...). Industrial effluents from this and other activities receive little or no treatment, with a strong impact on the environment.

The Hebron and Naplouse local authorities wish to launch a study in cooperation with project leaders from the Rhone-Mediterranean basin managing the same type of discharges.

€ 100 000 To complete this project

€ 80 000 in aid from the water agency, amounting to 80% of the total cost of the project


The Southern Region of Malawi

The Southern region of Malawi (400 000 inhabitants) is facing a breakdown rate of 33% for its manual water pumps, although there are desperate needs for drinking water and sanitation.
The Inter Aide NGO plans to establish autonomous maintenance services, train and raise awareness on hygiene issues among the population and create new infrastructures for access to water and treatment. Download the project file, PDF (351,3 Ko).

€ 36 000 to complete this project

€ 26 000 in aid from the water agency, amounting to 80% of the total project cost


Preservation and concerted management of the KANKOSSA permanent pond in Mauritania

Although it is situated in a particularly arid zone, deprived of water resources, the ASSABA region has thirty or so permanent ponds (rainwater accumulation in the lowlands), which act as water reserves, the largest being located in KANKOSSA.

This pond has been affected by climate change, causing it to shrink and threatening village food safety.

The project (which has 15 600 beneficiaries) envisages the creation of a “scoping study” followed by:

  • hydrological studies

  • drinking water supply to the village’s 5 schools (900 to 1000 pupils)

  • optimization of food production

  • establishment of a concerted management system for the pond

€ 40 000 to complete this project

€ 32 000 in aid from the water agency, amounting to 80% of the total project cost


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