The governing bodies and their role

The Rhone Mediterranean Corsica Agency’s activities are grounded in concerted management with all water protection stakeholders. It works closely with basin authorities (basin committees, bureau and related commissions), whose roles and interactions with the agency are detailed below.


The agency organizes consultation between local and regional authorities, users and the State on water policy, through two basin committees - Rhone-Mediterranean and Corsica - on which decision-makers and all categories of water user are represented.
The Rhone-Mediterranean and Corsica committees count respectively 165 and 40 members.


The basin committees:

  • draw up and monitor Planning and Water Management Schemes (SDAGE) which are then submitted to State approval, monitor their execution and give an opinion on SAGE.

  • approve water rate levels and the water agency program voted by the Board.

  • implement the framework directive on water (DCE): status reports and management plans and consultations and draw up the SDAGE;

  • approve river, bay, lake and groundwater contracts.

  • give an opinion on the scope of Public Regional Basin Establishments (EPTB) and Public Planning and Water Management Establishments (EPAGE);

  • hear all questions on water management in the basin: construction or planning projects or structuring action projects.

The water agency implements the orientations defined by the basin committees within the framework of European and national laws, particularly the Framework Directive on Water and the law on Water and Aquatic Environments.